British Pop Art's Sole Sister

“The Pop artist Pauline Boty was a mysterious beauty glimpsed in glossy British magazines, her work obscured by that beauty, her output cut short by her early death. Marc Kristal’s exceptional biography brings back to life one of the most compelling figures of sixties London. With exceptional research, intelligent empathy, a talent for contextualizing those times of change and a felicitous style, he brings the many tragedies of her story and the delicious inventions of her oeuvre into full and rewarding focus. One of the best books of its kind I have ever read.”
-Joan Juliet Buck

“How wonderful that one of these exciting and innovative women artists of the 60s should be recovered and celebrated in this way.”
—Julie Christie

“In this absorbing biography, a vivid collage of voices, and a masterfully written narrative, combine to restore to prominence the life and work of an entirely remarkable
—Gay Talese

Marc Kristal is an author, journalist, screenwriter, and filmmaker. His biography, Pauline Boty: British Pop Art’s Sole Sister, was published by Frances Lincoln in October 2023.